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Economy after Corona

The world we know has changed for a very long time. It is neither because of any taste and fashion nor any scarcity of resources. The world has changed because of the actual realisation of Need and Necessity.

The corona situation has taught us that it is the fundamental need which needed to be fulfilled at a high priority — the Fundamental needs which we can not live without, which are Food, Health and Shelter. Many statistics of the last six months related to the economy has shown the significant investment done in these sectors. Moreover, no statistic is needed to prove this statement wrong.

As the recession is getting into full stream mode, we need to shift our pre-corona attitude to a dynamic and quick adaptive person. It’s not the survival of the fittest now it is survival of the fastest. We either have to be part of the evolution or have to adapt according to others who will evolve. Whether we like it or not, but it is the time of forced Entrepreneur because of the massive increasing rate of unemployment.