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We are regular individuals with High Dreams like you

We are on a mission to help infinite budding entrepreneurs by empowering digitization with ease and be future ready.

The two major areas of Expertise which we focus and provide you with can create a real world impact on your professional and personal life

Khushbu Birwal


Amit Birwal


Rahul Sarkar

Creative Head Lead Photographer

Ankit Dhurvey

Sr. Photographer

and it all started...

YDS Creative Studio originally started as Your Digital Saathi and often being called in the Content Designing industry as “YDS” created by the team of three passionate minds Amit Birwal a marketer, Khushbu Birwal a Manager, and Rakshit Naidu, a 3D Designer. These three mediocre decided to leave their 9 to 5 jobs and follow their passion, success, and freedom. From inception in August 2017, all three decided to put their everything they had and promised each other to never get back to the regular 9 to 5 circus where they always felt underutilized and underrated.

Our first visual Content got posted on the 21st of October 2017 for our first client, Cowboy Restro Lounge, a pub based in Bhopal. In just ten months after acquiring three to four clients every month, we almost captured the entire market of social media content designing of Madhya Pradesh and it’s adjacent states. Soon, by the end of 2018, the team got bigger from three to six. After numerous mistakes and learning from the client’s demanding attitude, complaints, etc., this group of artists learned how to do business and become an entrepreneur. In 2019 the team got bigger to nine and made a reputation for delivering fantastic visual Contents.

At the beginning of 2019, the team got it’s one of the amazing and key member Rahul Sarkar, the lead photographer and one of the most inspiring members of Your Digital Saathi. By the mid of 2019, with 12 people on board(must mention Ankit Dhurvey our most creative and hardworking photographer) we renamed the team YDS Creative Studio. Soon YDS Creative Studio expanded its operation throughout the India and kept on making remarks.

We are proud to say that we have 49 impressive reviews from our clients on Google: straight 5 Star.

So far, we have developed more than 3000 visual contents and still going on.

March 2020 – The hit of Pandemic.
We realized that many of the event industry designers are hardly making a living for them because of the lockdown. We realized that it was not lack of opportunities to get projects, but because of expertise in modern designing and expensive resources that they are dependent on.

We decided that the best thing we can do to help and support them is by sharing the premade resources as templates at the lowest possible cost.

We launched the store on the 12th of January 2021 and promised ourselves that we would keep developing content and share the contents as much as possible at the best lowest cost in the digital market to help the Content designing community.

We thank our 300+ clients who provided us with the opportunity to work for them and helped us in our journey. In the journey, we have made ourselves one of the key players in Digital Brand Building and Visual Content Designing in India.

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